What are some tips for Coyote hunting in Minnesota? 16/09/2017

If you are thinking about going coyote hunting, then Minnesota is one of the best places. And the reasons are numerous. First, you do not require a license to hunt coyote, and it does not matter whether you are resident or a non-resident. And the beauty of it all is that there are no closed seasons. All that matters is your hunting skills. Coyotes are master predators that depend on their senses to survive. It is not uncommon for hunters to go empty handed even though there are coyotes all over. The following tips will help you in your coyote hunting, and you will not have to worry about getting embarrassed when the predators outsmart you.

Take your time planning

Successful hunters take their time to scout the area, talk to the local farmers and scour the maps. You also need to find the best hiding spot, especially where the coyotes frequent. Look for coyote trails, scats, crossings and establish the best places to set bait or calls. The time you spend studying the area and talking with the locals will make your coyote hunts much more successful.

Get the help of local farms

Coyotes love visiting the farms as rodents and mice are plenty around these areas. It is not unusual for farmers to spot a coyote or two during the day. Therefore, local farmers can help you a great deal pinpoint areas with a high coyote activity.

Find coyotes along the border of managed or state-owned properties and farmlands

Before you go hunting in managed or state-owned properties, check the governing regulations as they vary from parcel to parcel. Search for coyotes along the borders of these areas and neighboring farms. Coyotes tend to spend their day time in forested regions and only sneak into the farms to search for small animals.

Have a productive coyote calling technique

Unlike other predators such as the fox, wolf, and bobcats, coyotes are hasty in responding to the cries of rabbit or squirrel in pain. Get to the spot early and set up before you can start calling. Coyotes are witty predators and catch the smallest of details. If no coyote appears on you rifle scope after repeated calls, then you probably made a mistake that did not go unnoticed. Review your tactics and try again. Look for a raised spot where you can hide from incoming coyotes but see their movements pretty well.

Final Word

Coyotes are witty predators, and you will have to outwit them if you want to be a successful hunter. Plan your hunt in advance scouring the area, talking to the local farmers and finding their trails. The time spent planning is a significant determinant of your success. Learn the basics of coyote calling and use them to attract the predators. If nothing shows for some time, then you probably have made a mistake that the devious coyote picked. Review your techniques and try again. Remember that patience is key in coyote hunting.

Happy hunting.

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